Boubacar Djelo Diallo


Position in DATURA: Co-leader WP2, PI for Guinea
Job title: Senior pulmonologist
Home InstitutionIgnace Deen National hospital, Conakry, Guinea.
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Dr Boubacar Djelo Diallo is a physician specialized in respiratory diseases with more than 10 years of experience in the management of Tuberculosis / HIV Co-infection and Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis.

He has benefited from numerous training courses on HIV care and research, notably at the University of Tours in France and the IRSP of Ouidah in Benin. Besides his clinical activities at hospital, he is currently an assistant professor at Gamal Abdel Nasser University in Conakry. He was also involved in numerous studies on Tuberculosis and published more than twenty articles in the field. In Guinea, tuberculosis is one of the min causes of death from an infectious disease and it is the first cause of death in the pneumology departments in Conakry.

Therefore, Dr. Diallo is delighted to participate in the Datura project, which he hopes will provide solutions to reduce tuberculosis-related mortality of people infected with HIV, a real problem.