Charles Kouanfack

Position in DATURA: Leader WP3 Clinical trial implementation, data management and analysis, PI for Cameroon
Job title: Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine at Dschang University
Home Institution: Dschang University Cameroon
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Dr Charles Kouanfack is a physician with a PhD in public health and an enormous experience in managing HIV infected patients. He is the head of the day clinic of the University Teaching Central Hospital Yaoundé (more than 10,000 patients on antiretroviral therapy). He is a senior consultant at UNAIDS for countries in western and central African countries (Mali, Togo, Central African Republic, Cameroon), lecturer at the University of Dschang Cameroon, honorary consultant at the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), member of the scientific sector council committee of the ANRS. He was and still is the country principal investigator of several clinical trial on HIV and associated infections.