Sven Gudmund Hindraker

Position in DATURA: Leader Datura WP 6, Communication
Job title: Professor
Home Institution: Centre for International Health, University of Bergen, Norway
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Hinderaker is a global health researcher who works particularly with tuberculosis, maternal and perinatal health, and operational research. As a Professor at the Centre for International Health at UiB, he is involved in teaching Master and PhD students about reproductive health, tuberculosis, and academic writing. In addition, he is involved in teaching and coordinating medical undergraduates at UiB in a course in International / Global Health.

His PhD candidates are working on childhood TB in Pakistan, active TB case finding in Pakistan, TB clustering in rural Ethiopia, birth register in Ethiopia, and obstetric care in rural Ethiopia.

He has also worked for 10 years with article-writing courses run by the TB Union and MSF, supervising and supporting health care workers who have data on various topics and who wish to use it to write and publish articles.