Country Principal Investigators: Dr Kondwelani John Mateyo

Country Project Manager: Mrs Emelly BANOVIC

Clinical facilities participating:


Clinical facilities participating:

TB department, UTH

More information:

The trial will take place at the Internal Medicine / HIV & TB department of the University Teaching Hospital – Adult hospital in Lusaka, the capital city. An average of 120 HIV-infected patients are hospitalised with suspected TB per month. Among those, 40 are TB confirmed. More than 15,000 HIV-infected adults are followed per year in the outpatient clinic of this department. Staff of this ward has less experience in clinical research than the other sites but a clinical trial unit will be implemented in this department and capacity building will be a priority. This is a setting with good potential for clinical research among HIV-infected patents, particularly among those with TB coinfection. The laboratory performs smear-microscopy, cultures for mycobacteria (Löwenstein Jensen and MGIT), Xpert MTB/RIF tests, and has sample storage capacity.

The University Teaching Hospital is a major tertiary hospital, with a total bed capacity of 2,000. It primarily provides clinical care through its five associated hospitals namely: Lusaka Children’s Hospital, the Adult Hospital, the Maternal and New-born Hospital, The Eye Hospital and The Cancer Diseases Hospital. All these hospitals provide both outpatient and inpatient care facilities. It also includes an academic medical centre/University Teaching Hospital hosting the University of Zambia – School of Medicine (UNZA-SOM), and 29 primary and secondary health centres within Lusaka that serve a population of about 2 million people.